Site Design: Do you want to communicate?

The idea is to stay away from a computer. You do not want to have in any temptations near you. No terminal, no keyboard, no access to the Internet, no e-mail. Nothing. Why not? Because this stage of the game has nothing to do with the Internet or computers. I also found it easier to think without distractions as a ringing telephone or a mail program requires.

So think about what you are trying to communicate. This is probably one of the most important parts of the design process. Do it early and your website comes from itself. Mess it now and you will find no end in May and the fight against the changes for a long period of time.

I found it preferable to start from general terms (which is referred to design top-down) and my way of working the details. For example, let’s say I decided to make a site about domestic cats and my audience is cat owners. All right, what I try to tell these cat owners?

I could start by saying, well, I want to teach them some things that I learned to do more fun cat ownership and achievement. I also wish to sell certain products (which is a form of communication) as well. In addition, I want May to highlight the ethical treatment of animals.

Now I can start putting together a plan or list or whatever you want. It is a process of reflection, so just write what you feel is important as in an organized fashion as appropriate. What you do is try to get your thoughts organized and written - this is nothing official and it certainly did not need to be seen by someone else. Formally come later, it’s a high level of analysis.

Design Perfection Meets Reality

It is easy to sit and preach about how a web team should operate, but it is rare that we really consider and appreciate the realities and challenges involved. We’ll take a look at how the team, a real team with real constraints, has learned to work together to create one of the best experiences of online news in the world. Although their situation is not perfect, it is an impressive history of unity, balance, and communication which makes the few imperfections of the site much more interesting. Sometimes the creative professionals of the need to reduce the quality of their ideas and meet deadlines. On the other hand, management needs of their respect and confidence of the team of quality advice is sometimes more important than the deadline. Khoi Vinh, director of the design team, sharing knowledge about how it happens, and it is not surprising that there are several themes that resonated throughout our dialogue. One aspect of that I was more curious about the transition to a layout without a table, and it is not surprising, Khoi had nothing but good things to say about change. We went to a fund, eighty-five per cent of table free site in April with the launch of the redesign. Well, it was great because it allowed us to be more flexible with the look and feel strictly through stylesheets. If you appreciate perfection in web design, I’m sure you will love the perfection of hot babe’s body. The more subtle here is the “eighty-five per cent.” For creative professionals, no less that one hundred percent is often difficult to swallow. However, in the context of the real world, we often look past that five per cent, and to see a larger image. The eighty-five per cent is sufficient to allow flexibility and create a great experience for the visitor. The last five percent is sometimes not worth the investment.

Web Design

Designers are, in general, a cranky, and when it comes to their own communications company, they are even more. Designing a web site for an award-winning design verges on the impossible. A design firm’s presence on the Web is used primarily as a tool to attract new business from a global community and, secondly, as a means to show. Designers are by far the worst critics of their own, and their websites to tread fine line between being cutting edge to attract new companies and more traditional appeal to companies or more conservative.
First school

An analysis of the design of business websites can provide instruction in a number of best practices of visual organization for the web, and reveal the principles of good content structure and typography.

Many of the most successful and well-known companies are run by designers who cut their teeth on publication design. They understand the principles of good design and understanding of their Web presence. Although many companies to outsource the design of their site, it is ensured that the leaders of the art company actively direct the project, and insist on good typography and design.

An analysis of the design of business websites can provide instruction in a number of best practices of visual organization for the web, and reveal the principles of good content structure and typography.

More than any other design principles, hierarchy and structure play a key role in the design. The hierarchy is the hierarchy of text and image elements in order of importance. Hierarchy allows the designer to position and highlight the most important elements or features clearly and obviously the second most important obviously less, and so on. Once content is organized and ordered by the hierarchy, the next series of decisions involving the structure of information. In the print and web design most commonly used is a grid structure. A network is a system of vertical and horizontal divisions that organize and create relationships between items. Grid system are usually formal arrangements and are designed to create visual order and production efficiency. The grids are frequently used in the publication design and web design guide as hierarchies and promote the visual rhythm and consistency between pages or screens.

Font Management

If your collection of fonts by hand, it is time to learn to manage it.
Although free programs can provide the basics of font management, large users such as graphic designers and typographers need high-end tools with advanced features for managing their collections.
Whether you are a graphic designer, typographer, or an amateur, you will benefit from better management of your fonts. Experimenting with fonts, download free fonts, and the purchase of all new policies increasingly contribute to the collection, and before you know, you have more fonts than you know what to do with . Even without the risk of confusion, these fonts can drain your computer’s resources in a word, you need a way to manage your collection.
Management policies can be accomplished in a variety of ways. First, your operating system are integrated in some management capacity. Then, free font management are available on the Internet. And finally, management programs are being offered professional features, but at a price.
Depending on the type of user you are, the characteristics that you need vary. Lovers will be delighted with a font manager that allows them to carry out management measures such as the basic outline fonts and the installation and not install them easily. Designers want more control and features, such as the detection of corruption and repair fonts, missing fonts, duplicate fonts, and PostScript errors. In addition, the ability to disable unnecessary fonts in your computer will perform better if it has a large collection of fonts installed. Also, managers do with the server-enabled versions are ideal for a network environment.
Built-in Font-Management Tools (Windows):
You can see a list of fonts installed in Windows by going to Control Panel and selecting fonts.
The fonts in the Control Panel section provides only limited functionality, you can consult the list of installed fonts, preview fonts, and add and remove fonts. You can also group similar policies by choosing View, Sort by similarity. This option lets you view your fonts in a list of fonts that groups together. When you see your fonts listed in this way, you can make decisions to remove duplicate fonts.

To preview a font, simply double-click it and a new window will open showing samples of the font in different sizes. By clicking the Properties button will show you more information about the police, including its name, author, version and license information.

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